The Problem With Guitar Playing as a Hobby

If there is one thing my hubby wanted to do for the rest of his life during retirement, it is guitar playing. Now, he does that every Sunday, as his “rejuvination pill” before starting another work week.

He would jam with the music of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and a few if the modern ones. He often does the lead or at times, the bass. He plays as if he is part if he band, wihthe exact rendition of the original, or with his own.

The problem is, he often ends up with a snapped string. With his sweaty palms, the strings easily rust, too. that is why when I saw the review for Ernie Ball guitar strings, I’d like to gift him a set or 3 (to maximize the postal fee). I’d like to put it to the test. I’ll have to save some $$ then buy, hopefully sooner than later.

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Test Knitting Benefits

I never knew about test knitting opportunuties until I saw the invitation. The first time I agreed to test knit, I failed, because I forgot about it. I wanted to learn the pattern but I guess I got lost in my other concerns.

The second time, I was able to finish, but a couple of days late, I think. It took awhile to get the hang of the pattern. There are accidental errors in my final Hello Sweetie socks by Diana Gervais but I like what it has resulted into. Continue reading

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