If Your Usual Coffee Can No Longer Wake You Up…

by Cecile Cinco

I am a coffee drinker. It wakes me up when I’m sleepy but I can also sleep after drinking coffee if I want to. Sometimes, though, it has not enough waking power. When that is the case and I needed to be wide awake, I put something else and it’s a sure way to get those eyelids wide open. Continue reading

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How to Repair Samsung LCD T220 Monitor that Takes Too Long to Load

by Cecile Cinco

Just before enjoying the normal load once again, this monitor I am using, a Samsung LCD T220, came to a point when I have to power it on (via AVR) for about 30 minutes or so before I power on the CPU. When I see the little white square at the upper left corner (signifying it is alive), that is the time I boot up because if I do so normally, I’d just be waiting forever for the monitor to load by itself. I would not just power off the AVR because the OS is ready as it has loaded normally. The problem was just with the monitor. It took several months of sheer acceptance and patience. Sending it to a technician was not really an option since I have a general idea how much that would cost. Continue reading

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