Pink Fridays: My Working Mat and Bobbin Lace

It’s Friday! Glad that the host of PF posted early.

It was only about a year ago when I first used a working mat. I was learning to do bobbin lace. I chose the pink mat so both the dark and light colors pop out while working. Now, I also use it for pinning printed pattern on, especially when working on charts to easily mark my progress.

Bobbin lace is a craft

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Loom Knitting: The Fastest Way to Knit Something

Knitting can be easy but purling (reverse of knitting) can be frustrating. With patience and determination, knitting can really be fun.

However, for the impatient who do not have the luxury of time to learn real knitting but would love to create something knitted, loom knitting is the fastest way to knit something.

Fastest way to learn, rather. There are different ways to knit. You can do it with straight needles, double pointed needles, cable needles, and loom. The fastest way to produce something knitted without being discouraged is with the loom.

Between needle knitting and loom knitting, though, given that one already knows to needle knit, it is faster to produce the same project with the needles (a hat, for example).

I started with pencils acting as straight needles. That was how desperate I was in wanting to learn how to knit but cannot find knitting needles in the stores nearby. It took me a month to be comfortable with the knit stitch, and a year or so to be comfortable with the purl stitch. Both stitches are needed to have a variety of effects.

With the loom, however, any first timer can knit up a hat in just a day or two. Or a week, if one is really slow. If you go from start to end without stopping, you can complete a hat in 2 hours.

It was only recently that I was able to buy a set of round loom. I wanted to try it so I know what I’m going to teach. So far, here are the projects I have done:

Hat which my youngest loved because of the yarn I used:

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