Looking for Guitar Accessories Online

Before hubby became a classical guitarist, he was a lead guitarist in a local band during his time. His band was bound for Japan. They were ready to leave in a few months but took a different route when he got hold of The Plain Truth in 1988. He switched to classical guitar. So, he plays both.

It is his electrical guitar (Ibanez) that he plays when he wanted to enjoy. (His classical playing is for worship.) It is also what requires more accessories.

It used to be that I alone would search for what I need online. Now, he too, searches online before trying to do so offline like when he needed the cable with a right angle plug or when he needed a midi cable. Since the latter was not available locally, he had to buy online. Even if buying locally, it has been the habit to check and canvas online. (Check this out and find something you might be looking for.)

On Sundays, his ‘me’ days, he does what he loves doing while I do what I love doing. We hobby together.


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First Time to Do Embroidery

In any endeavor there is always a first time. I have been learning (always) to knit, crochet, and tat for roughly 3 years or so now. I have tried weaving for awhile too. Now it is my first time to do embroidery.

For about a month now I have been looking into embroidery. Just looking and getting amazed at the art that every stitch has produce. I can only wish I could be that good. I promised myself I will get into it and now is that day when I started.

No, I did not start with the basic stitches. I wanted Continue reading

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