When My Guitarman Plays…

by Cecile Cinco

One of the joys hubby gets on Sundays is the joy of playing his electric guitar. Before he got into classical guitar playing, he started with a cheap ordinary acoustic at the age of 10. After high school he became a professional lead guitar player using an electric guitar.

When he got called into the Church, he shifted to classical guitar for special music renditions.

On Sundays, Continue reading

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What Tamed My 20-Year Old Asthma

by Cecile Cinco

My asthma is acquired because I did not have it when I was a little child. I was already in my early 20s and still did not know what asthma attacks felt like because I never had one. Years later I just realized that moving from a strenuous day-to-day activities to sitting-most-of-the-day sedentary lifestyle was the last straw to break me down.

Before the last straw, there were a few other reasons that factored in. I came to realize that much later, though. For example, the lack of ventilation in my room, the food I ate and the certain scents and smells that aggravated my poor health condition. In totality, my immune system failed miserably.

Several times during grave attacks, I thought it might be the end of me. Continue reading

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