How to Make Pure, Real, Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Process)

by Cecile Cinco

The first time I made my own virgin coconut oil (VCO), it was sometime in 2000. It was the time that the benefits of it spread like wildfire. It was also expensive. It still is. However, many are making VCO with lower standards to be able to sell it cheaperĀ  or make more money. If you want to make sure you have pure, real virgin coconut oil, make it yourself. It is quite easy. The relatively difficult parts are worth taking just to make sure I get the real thing.

A few necessities to remember, though: Continue reading

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Care for Your Musical Gadgets

by Cecile Cinco

When one pursues to learn a musical instrument and sticks with it, that person will more likely be upgrading and adding to the basic instrument to make music better. After all, people have the natural need to improve and get better. Continue reading

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