Asthmatics: You Can Be Pure ‘n Fresh with this Cologne!

by Cecile Cinco

I had a call some days ago. It was the courier. Everyone gets lost looking for my address for the first time. I had to go out on the road and check for anyone in a motorcycle, perhaps. When I saw the familiar pink Pure ‘n Fresh bag, I waved to him and signed. When I got back in the house, my two teen daughters were ecstatic and got one each! Continue reading

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Blast from the Past: BBS List in the Philippines

by Cecile Cinco

Before the internet existed in the Philippines, I connected to the local bulletin board systems (BBSes). A year or two later I had my own. It was named BBS which came from my nickname then, Kajee.

BBSes were the information streets then. You call a computer and whatever files are stored there can be downloaded. Access is limited to certain folders only so, no, no one can get other files that are restricted. It’s like connecting to the internet via dial up, only, you get to connect to one computer only and your connection time is limited to allow others to connect as well. Continue reading

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