Learn to Play the Guitar on Your Own

Not everyone can have someone teach them how to play the guitar. In my early 20s when the internet was non-existent, I tried the chird chart but it took so long to find it, plot it, and actually play it, especially when it comes to bar chords. That index finger pressing across the fretboard is just cruel when starting, let alone remembering where the other fingers should go. Continue reading

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How to Better Knit Sock Cuff Picots

When I test knitted the #anklesockz designed by frisabiknits, it was the first time I knitted picots over the cuff of the socks. With the first sock, I really had  hard time folding back to knit the live stitches with the cast on stitches. I’ve done that before but with a hat which is a lot more spacious to work on than a the circumference of a sock cuff. Continue reading

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