Give the Sound of More than One Guitar Using One Guitar

Have you ever tried to listen intently to a guitar piece trying to figure out how many are playing? In classical guitar, it is common that there are duos and trios, but certain pieces are composed to sound like more than one guitar is playing.

In electric guitar playing, however, you can play most pieces you already know and make it sound like at least two are playing at the same time. Yes, first time I heard of it, too. With a 12-string guitar, that is how it sounds.

12-string Gretsch guitar

Unlike the 10-string guitar which expanded the fretboard widthwise, the 12-string doubles each string, hence, the sound of more than one guitar playing simultaneously. (I’m used to banduria and octavina which have some strings double and triple for the multiple-sound effect, normally played in tremulo.)

So, if you are looking for a different guitar sound, you can check on musicians friend gretsch guitars. You’ll be the talk-of-the-town in your area in no time.

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