Free Pattern: “9 Clubs” Tatted Bracelet

by C5

I’ve been wanting to tat a bracelet that has no need for any additional clasp to lock it except that it comes from the thread in use. I’ve had a couple of tests and finally, this version has made it to the finals: the creation of the pattern.

I’ve also been testing it as a continuous wear, going through all the wetting and drying as my wrist gets subjected to water (laundry, kitchen, bathing, etc.). For 2 days now as of this writing, it’s been good. Since it’s material is made up of cotton thread only, there is no need to concern yourself of allergy from metal (common clasp material). The design was meant for that purpose. If, for whatever reason, the design tumbled out of its place, just wet, form, and dry.

I promised a free pattern, free pattern it is. However, you cannot sell your work out of this pattern. You can make it for gifting or for personal use, though. If you know others who would be interested in this pattern, please lead them to this page. Please do not copy this page or the pattern to any other online site. Sharing the link, though, will be appreciated. You can save it or print it for your personal use, though.

“9 Clubs” Tatted Bracelet

The way to wear it is you insert the tail (20ds) and the “leaves” (the couple of rings of 7ds, 7 1st half, 7 2nd half, 7ds) into the last ring (10-10). The leaves will naturally lock when inserted. To remove, you hold the JKs at the end while taking off the “leaves” from the 10-10 ring. More likely, you will need someone else to do it for you, though.

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