Learning New Languages for Free

When I was a teenager I had the idea of learning how to understand, speak, and write in other languages. It did not matter which one. I wanted to learn all. I guess the driving force was about understanding other people and being able to communicate with them. The internet did not exist then. Then life became busy.

Recently, I discovered an online site where you can learn other languages, and you can do so for free. The premium/paid portion can let you do more like download lessons. I need not go for the premium. The free portion is more than enough for me.

Welcome to Duolingo! Currently I am learning 3 languages: Mandarin, Russian, and Japanese. I thought of Chinese first because there’s just too many Chinese around me. I am very much interested with the written characters. I would like to be able to understand what the signs are if I ever come across them, or read a newspaper if ever I get to visit Hongkong, maybe.

What prompted me to learn Russian is the ability to read crochet patterns. Russian crochet designers are real good! I even added a Russian keyboard

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