Decoding Braille

January 8 (I checked my IG post) was the day I figured out how to memorize the basic Braille alphabet and numbers, and some of the punctuation marks. I don’t know why it took me so long to focus on it but when I did, it just took me about an hour. I studied each code and I had a eureka moment. Since learning Braille has been one of my bucket list items, I wondered why it took me so long to delve into it.

Last month I had the privilege of sharing my discovery to the Women’s Club group of my Church congregation. I was also helped by someone who was blind since he was 13 (he’s in his senior years now) and he lent us the props and even bought new Braille paper for the presentation I told him about. He also lent 2 pairs of slate and stylus. Before my presentation that evening, he demonstrated how to use the tools. You write (punch) from right to left and you read the other side from left to right.

Braille slate and stylus

After punching, this is the reading side.

Braille characters consist of 6 imaginary dots, 2 across by 3 down. Where the dots are positioned tells what character it is.

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Learning New Languages for Free

When I was a teenager I had the idea of learning how to understand, speak, and write in other languages. It did not matter which one. I wanted to learn all. I guess the driving force was about understanding other people and being able to communicate with them. The internet did not exist then. Then life became busy.

Recently, I discovered an online site where you can learn other languages, and you can do so for free. The premium/paid portion can let you do more like download lessons. I need not go for the premium. The free portion is more than enough for me.

Welcome to Duolingo! Currently I am learning 3 languages: Mandarin, Russian, and Japanese. I thought of Chinese first because there’s just too many Chinese around me. I am very much interested with the written characters. I would like to be able to understand what the signs are if I ever come across them, or read a newspaper if ever I get to visit Hongkong, maybe.

What prompted me to learn Russian is the ability to read crochet patterns. Russian crochet designers are real good! I even added a Russian keyboard

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How to Memorize Pi Digits

I am not a fan of Math. I am good with what I need. I never thought of memorizing the pi digits following the decimal point since I have no need for it.

However, I am a fan of codes. I like cryptograms. I have developed my own ciphers just for the fun of it. I also wanted to be able to freely write in public without anyone being able to read my notes.

Memorizing is also not one of my strong points. I do create systems so I can figure things out.

Some months ago I was able to recall the first 300 digits of pi in just 2 days. So I know my system works. I did not, however, continue and follow through to store it in my long term memory. Again, I have no need for it. If you have a need for it, you can try my system and experience how it works fir you.

First, take note that A is 1, and Z is 26.

Next, the images that you pick/choose for your characters should be easily imagined. Tangible.

Then, make your story sequential. In a series. No parallel stories.

Be imaginative. You should be able to go as far as your imagination flows.

You can combine 2 numbers (20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26) or you can separate them (1-9). As for standalone zeroes, you can use “nothing” or “null” or “void” or “zero” but you will have to give it extra effort. A 10 (J) or a 20 (T) will be easy.

You just have to assign a charater image for whatever number is in the sequence. You can automatically use 3.14 as “pi” so that you just concentrate on the succeeding numbers.










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Free Pattern: “Butterflies” Tatted Anklet

by C5

I wanted the concept of having butterflies as bracelet or anklet where the wings would really look like they were flapping, not just flat. So I drew my initial concept, with the tatting flow in mind. As I was tatting, however, the pattern changed as I saw fit.

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Free Pattern: “9 Clubs” Tatted Bracelet

by C5

I’ve been wanting to tat a bracelet that has no need for any additional clasp to lock it except that it comes from the thread in use. I’ve had a couple of tests and finally, this version has made it to the finals: the creation of the pattern.

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How to Make Your Own Real Pure Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Press)

by C5 (

You have probably learned about the benefits of taking virgin coconut oil on a regular basis. If not, you can do your search. This post’s focus is on making your own pure homemade VCO. The best VCO you can have.

The first time I learned how to make my own real pure virgin coconut oil in 2000, it was as if I did not want to do it again. So little yield and so tiring. That is primarily because I hand-squeezed the coconut, which is really what anyone would do without the presser.

Then, I also tried to make it crystal clear by going through layers of cotton. It became quite clear but it takes so long. Besides, the yellowish color may have some of the antioxidants (I’m not sure about that but I was taught that the real VCO is yellowish in color.

I use cold press. That is what makes it virgin. Though minimal heat will not harm the healing properties of the oil, the antioxidants disappear with heat.  Why let that happen? Commercial VCOs need longer shelf life. Heating removes the moisture content which gives off a stale odor in a month or so.  That is why I only make my own and not sell (except for once when someone requested me to). So now, I’m teaching you to make your own so you can have the best.

Final harvest before I transfered to a glass pitcher.

So now, I’m going to teach you how you can make your own pure real VCO.

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