Decoding Braille

January 8 (I checked my IG post) was the day I figured out how to memorize the basic Braille alphabet and numbers, and some of the punctuation marks. I don’t know why it took me so long to focus on it but when I did, it just took me about an hour. I studied each code and I had a eureka moment. Since learning Braille has been one of my bucket list items, I wondered why it took me so long to delve into it.

Last month I had the privilege of sharing my discovery to the Women’s Club group of my Church congregation. I was also helped by someone who was blind since he was 13 (he’s in his senior years now) and he lent us the props and even bought new Braille paper for the presentation I told him about. He also lent 2 pairs of slate and stylus. Before my presentation that evening, he demonstrated how to use the tools. You write (punch) from right to left and you read the other side from left to right.

Braille slate and stylus

After punching, this is the reading side.

Braille characters consist of 6 imaginary dots, 2 across by 3 down. Where the dots are positioned tells what character it is.

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