Standing Up Again

As I was scrolling on Facebook awhile ago, I saw one of my successful blogging friends with a post that it has been 10 years when she started blogging. I started even a year earlier using a different domain and platform. It was another realization that I have lagged once again for quite some time. It’s time to wake up! Again. Stand up! Again. Hit the mark. Again!

Don’t stop trying to hit the mark.

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Fall, But Stand Up

It’s been almost a year since my last post.

I’ve had different thoughts on what to do about this site. I’ve thought of revamping it and making a store out of it, with products that cater to babies and accessories. All handmade. That way I can produce items in a fairly shorter time than if I make big items. Most of the time, I make new designs, and I continuously make something new, thus, I could not stay in a big project and expect to sell sooner than later. I’ve asked my better half to design my website sometime in December last year. He is just waiting for my materials/content.

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Getting Ready for this Year’s Festival Show During the Feast of Tabernacles in Baguio City

The Festival Show is an evening event that is presented to the Feast goers in Baguio City under the banner of the United Church of God. This will be the 4th year that I will be coordinating it. It will never be the same since I’ve always depended on my mom for the costumes (she sewed most of them in the past). Now that she’s gone I have to resort to immediate plan B.

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Free Pattern: “Butterflies” Tatted Anklet

by C5

I wanted the concept of having butterflies as bracelet or anklet where the wings would really look like they were flapping, not just flat. So I drew my initial concept, with the tatting flow in mind. As I was tatting, however, the pattern changed as I saw fit.

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Free Pattern: “9 Clubs” Tatted Bracelet

by C5

I’ve been wanting to tat a bracelet that has no need for any additional clasp to lock it except that it comes from the thread in use. I’ve had a couple of tests and finally, this version has made it to the finals: the creation of the pattern.

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Give the Sound of More than One Guitar Using One Guitar

Have you ever tried to listen intently to a guitar piece trying to figure out how many are playing? In classical guitar, it is common that there are duos and trios, but certain pieces are composed to sound like more than one guitar is playing.

In electric guitar playing, however, you can play most pieces you already know and make it sound like at least two are playing at the same time. Yes, first time I heard of it, too. With a 12-string guitar, that is how it sounds.

12-string Gretsch guitar

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How to Make Your Own Real Pure Homemade Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Press)

by C5 (

You have probably learned about the benefits of taking virgin coconut oil on a regular basis. If not, you can do your search. This post’s focus is on making your own pure homemade VCO. The best VCO you can have.

The first time I learned how to make my own real pure virgin coconut oil in 2000, it was as if I did not want to do it again. So little yield and so tiring. That is primarily because I hand-squeezed the coconut, which is really what anyone would do without the presser.

Then, I also tried to make it crystal clear by going through layers of cotton. It became quite clear but it takes so long. Besides, the yellowish color may have some of the antioxidants (I’m not sure about that but I was taught that the real VCO is yellowish in color.

I use cold press. That is what makes it virgin. Though minimal heat will not harm the healing properties of the oil, the antioxidants disappear with heat.  Why let that happen? Commercial VCOs need longer shelf life. Heating removes the moisture content which gives off a stale odor in a month or so.  That is why I only make my own and not sell (except for once when someone requested me to). So now, I’m teaching you to make your own so you can have the best.

Final harvest before I transfered to a glass pitcher.

So now, I’m going to teach you how you can make your own pure real VCO.

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Lessons We Can Learn from Pessimists

For most people, being a pessimist is bad. One of the advices I often see is not to hang out with one, or you will become one as well.

If pessimists need to change their outlook, how will they learn if no optimist will hang out with them? Without human intervention, only a miracle can change a pessimist.

The concern of this post, however, is what we can learn from pessimists. Many look down on them because all they see are the negatives that happen in every situation. They zap the energy of the optimists and in betweens. Hence, the idea to stay away from them.

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When Trials Come, Be Like Water

These past few weeks have been quite heavy. The bad: (1) I lost my database on this blog, (2) lost internet connection for 2 weeks, (3) moved to another rented place, (4) my mother died without warning, and (5) we siblings have a huge bill to pay. So much in so short a time.

However, it is in these trials that we get closer to God. Believing that God is in control, that He does what is best for each of us, hope is much better, living is more filling.

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