Lessons We Can Learn from Pessimists

For most people, being a pessimist is bad. One of the advices I often see is not to hang out with one, or you will become one as well.

If pessimists need to change their outlook, how will they learn if no optimist will hang out with them? Without human intervention, only a miracle can change a pessimist.

The concern of this post, however, is what we can learn from pessimists. Many look down on them because all they see are the negatives that happen in every situation. They zap the energy of the optimists and in betweens. Hence, the idea to stay away from them.

So what lessons can we learn from pessimists apart from “do not be like the pessimists because they will drag you down”? Continue reading “Lessons We Can Learn from Pessimists”

When Trials Come, Be Like Water

These past few weeks have been quite heavy. The bad: (1) I lost my database on this blog, (2) lost internet connection for 2 weeks, (3) moved to another rented place, (4) my mother died without warning, and (5) we siblings have a huge bill to pay. So much in so short a time.

However, it is in these trials that we get closer to God. Believing that God is in control, that He does what is best for each of us, hope is much better, living is more filling.

I’ve had this blog for a decade now. I’ve lost its content Continue reading “When Trials Come, Be Like Water”