Standing Up Again

As I was scrolling on Facebook awhile ago, I saw one of my successful blogging friends with a post that it has been 10 years when she started blogging. I started even a year earlier using a different domain and platform. It was another realization that I have lagged once again for quite some time. It’s time to wake up! Again. Stand up! Again. Hit the mark. Again!

Don’t stop trying to hit the mark.

At the height of my blogging and ghost-writing career, I could write something sensible in a matter of 5-15 minutes. Now, I don’t know yet. I’m just starting to get up. There is so much in my mind, though. Part of it is the many ideas about designs I have about the crafts I do. Some have been executed, most have stayed in the in my mind, continuously being edited mentally until execution. Others have been written or drawn down on the pages of my graph notebook for easy reference. These are those with better chances for execution.

Anyway, as I believe, it does not matter how many times I fell down as long as I make sure to stand up again. I did not mean to fall down on purpose anyway.

I have just downloaded this blogging app. With my tablet having just been reset, it is much better to work with now.

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