Braving a Big Tatting Project

Tatting is a thread craft that is not as popular as crocheting. Probably because it is more difficult to execute. You need more patience in learning the skill to make the project visually acceptable. You spend more time covering a small area in tatting than in crocheting or knitting. It is also more difficult to undo stitches.

I like the craft because of what can be created. It can be done using tatting shuttles or needles. I’ve learned to use both. Many times I’ve also designed some patterns and many of them I have not written down. They are mostly small items like bracelets and pins.

This time, though, I have decided to work on a big project. I’m not really fond of doilies because I have no use for them. However, I would like to push my patience further (as I mentioned above it really takes a lot of patience to do this craft) so I chose a big pattern, the Wiosna 2019. If you check the source, you will see the end result.

There are 20 rounds and I have finished the 5th.

It is as big as my hand…

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Just Do Something!

This blog domain had been existing for more than 11 years now. I was compelled to buy my own after having earned some from the blogging world much earlier. I had so much in my mind that I busy writing. After all, I was a better writer than a speaker. I often used to say, “my pen/keyboard is mightier than my tongue.”

About 5 years later I had some blogger friends say that they are in blogging hiatus. I just thought then, how could that be? It wasn’t until much much later that I understood the feeling.

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